October, 2011: THE PASSING PARADE!

I recently returned from a trip to my 'home town,' New York. I was amazed at how easily and naturally I slipped into the "New York State of Mind" because I wanted and intended to.

I picked up my pace, walked, talked, and easily rode the subway with the 'best of 'em.' This proved to me two things: Firstly, that memory is a remarkable mechanism that can be used to favorably serve our current needs (and yet, we all have experienced the limited ways we have played and replayed old, painful scenarios). In real time, I extracted the remembrance of what it was like to be a native New Yorker. And, secondly, I celebrated how powerfully endowed we are with spiritual resiliency, adaptability and the unlimited capacity to be safe, strong and happy regardless of where we are. And, the proviso here is that we deeply resonate with and live from the Inner Truth of our Being by relying on the Creative Power of Mind to lead the way forward through and by means of us. I found myself completely at ease, whether walking through Central Park, at the theatre, dining out, or chatting amiably on the subway in ways that were almost eerily scary. I had to pinch myself to be reminded that New York is no longer my home, which doesn't mean I still can't enjoy the chameleon quality of God as me, here and now. Hmm, I guess I have to put this to the acid test by a little jaunt to the hills of Kentucky or Arkansas.

So, my suggestion is to deepen your spiritual practices. Dive more deeply into the Infinite possibilities of your Divine nature. Put Universal Principles to the test in your own private world. This month, decide to express in a new and different way, outside the borders of the familiar life experience you already know. Do the inner work of asking and receiving, knocking and finding the opening and seeking and finding from the depth of your own being, the assistance, courage, wisdom and energetic flow to support and guide you into new dimensions of your true Self. Create the inner image and likeness of your desired experience, don the garments appropriate to your desire, stand taller, walk stronger and head out the door into the sacred space that has already been prepared for you, in order that you step into the future Self that already knows how to be more of Itself as you!

It's morning practice time. You've completed your meditation and your inner field of potentiality is ripe to be planted upon. Be still, pen and paper available and ask your inner muse, "What is awaiting my recognition as my new and greater manifestation of myself?" "What is pushing up against the door of my consciousness that...up until now...I have kept on the 'back burner' of my mind and what longing and desire for freer, fuller creative Self-Expression is now ready for me to experience?" Then, as Scripture said, "Wait upon the Lord/Law." Whether immediately or after an appropriate time and consistent revisiting of the question, the answer which is already within, does surface. Be insistent and accepting of that which is already known on the invisible plane and now you intentionally call it forth into visibility.

I take a conscious stand for my life to more cleanly and clearly reflect the Life of God as me. I stretch into the greater idea of what is possible, by identifying myself as Life's greatest possibility. I declare and decide to express in a new, unprecedented way of creative originality, giving myself full permission to do the very thing that has been a suppressed longing and desire for so very long. I free myself to be all that I Am. I know I Am supported, guided and directed in this Universal impulsion to find Itself in expanded manifestation through and by means of me. This is the moment, I Am the One and I celebrate and give thanks that wherever I Am, the mighty and magnificent Essence of the Divine safely takes me where God wants to be, in order to fulfill Its own idea of Itself as me. And, that's the way it really is!