JUNE 2010: Changing your M.O.

When was the last time you changed your "m.o.?" Perhaps by shopping at a different supermarket, going to bed later, wearing a hat, flying a kite, taking in a mid-week afternoon movie or inviting that certain someone to lunch...you know...the one you've had your eye on?

We are humanly creatures of habit and it just seems easier in many instances to do the "same old, same old" rather than to shift into a new paradigm. We also have an automatic mechanism called our subconscious mind which accommodates that way of being, since it's only too happy to dish out what's already been churning around...over and over again. When we take a new turn mentally, emotionally and through new behaviors, we can run into resistance and apparent blockages to our forward momentum. Through this, we begin to understand the nature of what we're dealing with and from this, new insights and gateways of creative growth can emerge.

I know for certain through my own personal experience that there is a greater identity I embody of Universal scope and dimension. It thinks bigger thoughts than I generally do, intellectually. It also often operates quite strongly from a place that transcends logic and reason, called intuition, and it unfailingly sees from a more grandiose vantage point than I humanly often allow. Call it God, Spirit, Infinite Intelligence, Buddha Nature, Atman, Brahma or Mind; it is as Ernest Holmes described, an Infinite Power for good greater than we are and since we are using it anyway...whether we know it or not...we can learn to use it consciously, deliberating and with a clear and direct objective in mind. The wonder of it all is this spiritual Law of Life responds to us by corresponding to whatever we know ourselves to be...more of the same, or fresh and new! You and I forever are calling the shots. It is said that the deeper we go in discovering God, the more we understand ourselves. For at rock bottom levels of being, that which God Essence Is, each and every one of us is. This is the possibility that we carry with us and it becomes the question I continue to ask myself every day, "How can I bring forth more of my Infinite Potential for love, joy, peace, wisdom, abundance and fulfillment into expression today, so that I make a difference to myself and the world?"

Take time every morning to meditate through the following contemplative method. Sitting upright and bringing your awareness to your breath as it enters and leaves your nostrils, allow for your breath to quietly assume its own rhythmic pattern. As you feel yourself calmer and quieter within, ask yourself, "Who Am I...really?" If your attention drifts away, bring it back to your breath, and to repeating the question, "Who Am I...really?" Keep a journal and pen handy, so that upon completion of your meditation, you write any impressions, thoughts, feelings, pictures of colors you experienced from your deeper contemplation of who and what you really are.

I withdraw my attention from the sights, sounds and busyness of my usual state of mind. I enter the inner realms of my consciousness where at depth, I merge with the Universal Consciousness of God as me. I stay on high alert to the inner guidance, direction and encouragement I receive from my Real Self, knowing this serves me well as I daily navigate through my human experiences. I place God first in my awareness, maintaining my realization of my oneness with the Presence and I feel deeply that all is well, since all is God!