So how's your New Year going so far? I'd like to answer for you by saying, "So far, so good!" Whether this is factually true or not, it is Absolutely the spiritual Truth about each and every one of us, regardless of any circumstantial evidence to the contrary. Holding true to an inner conviction is simple in theory, not always easy to implement into everyday living. We would declare that we've been having tougher times than anyone before us historically speaking...while history would strongly contradict that opinion.

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times" is how a relative, time-based reality always shows up. Sometimes it favors our preferences and sometimes not. Sometimes people are behaving with maturity and wisdom and sometimes they aren't...and the irony is whatever we're looking at and judging is really about ourselves. Whatever your faith tradition, the common element is that each tradition offers either a hope, a prayer, a belief or a direct knowing that within ourselves, "There is a Universal Power for good, greater than we (humanly know ourselves to be) and we can use it." The fact is, we are always using it and our personal access to it is through our conscious awareness. When you know what you're doing it helps and we know what we're doing when we decipher who and what we truly are. The Universe/God, a Greater Reality always offers an open invitation to us which reads as follows, "You are invited to a Universal event of Infinite proportions which takes place in the most vast and spacious area imaginable...your inner Soul." However, the world of practicality necessitates we rent a hall for the occasion, so you know where to show up. The appropriate dress for this most auspicious occasion, celebrates who you really are. So upon reviewing your wardrobe, wear whatever best typifies who you believe yourself to be...mere mortal or Infinitely wise and loving expression of the Divine.

I recently saw the movie, The Descendants and found it touching and reflective of what it means to shift from living from the outside in, to living from the inside out. Humanly it doesn't take much for us to leap to judgement based on appearances, to be angry, resentful, hurt and itching for the opportunity to 'get even.' However, if and when we allow for the 'pause that refreshes' and investigate seeing things from another perspective, we find out what we're really made of and we discover the dormant availability of Divine Virtues which can be used for healing and transformation of ourselves and those around us. I'm talking about forgiveness, wisdom, compassion, kindness, detachment and not taking everything so personally. We discover through meditation and other practices, a willingness to see our complicity with whatever is happening. We realize that if it's happening in our realm, somewhere within the frame, we're in the picture. The spiritual principle is that we are all cause to our every experience and nothing happens to us, it happens through us. We gave the experience the opportunity to show up, whether consciously or unconsciously. Not to worry. If the vast wisdom of the ages abides within our deeper consciousness, where we claim oneness with the Universal, then whatever it is, the answer always abides within the same place that gave rise to the manifestation...and we know it is impossible to discover solutions with the same mindset that created the situation. So my friends...it's time for a consciousness lift or an "UpSpiral" as William Larkin would say.

Let's make this a two part series which will pick up in February, and for now leave it where it is. During the time before we next get together, jot down notes, observations, ideas and questions and if you are so inclined, drop me an e-mail and we can get a correspondence going as well as my sharing additional ideas on this theme, next month.

In my quiet time devoted to deeper Self Discovery, I question myself on where I Am in the pictures that show up as my human life experiences. If the Principle of Life tells me that cause is spiritual and its origin is in consciousness, then the effects I see are always tangible results of what I Am thinking, feeling, consistently contemplating and predominantly focusing on as my attitude. I Am open and receptive to greater Self-Inquiry as to 'what makes me tick'...where YOU can't see it, but I know it is born. I meditate, I spend quiet time in spiritual practices, I journal and I "ask that I may receive," knock that the door open and I find greater clarity and insightfulness by first seeking it.

I own my life along with all my known and unknown thoughts, feelings, attitudes, beliefs and experiences. I consciously and intentionally choose to scan my human experience, checking on my health, wealth, relationships and creative output. I declare that although I have thoughts, feelings and experiences, I Am not these things. I Am essentially a Divine expression of Infinite possibility and when I imbibe deeply and consistently of this Truth, whatever is showing up in my outer realm of manifestation takes on a 'healing,' higher revealing and greater form of overall fulfillment and goodness. This spills over into other lives since as the Christ, Jesus taught, "I, as I Am lifted up, lift all others unto me." When I win, the world wins and I devote myself to practices which cause me to know and identify with this True Self, so that it imparts its secrets through and as me, for the greater good of one and all. I trust, I release, I accept and know good things are happening and they're happening through and by means of the consciousness of God as me from this moment forward. I give thanks this is so and so it is.

* REMINDER: To explore more ideas on this topic, as they personally relate to your life, e-mail me at: revsue@verizon.net. And...tune in next month for Part Two: LIVING FROM THE INSIDE OUT!

Abundant and loving blessings during this and all seasons!
Dr. Sue