APRIL 2010: What do you get when you mix unawareness with every day human experiences?

A seemingly choice-less life that is generally a replay of yesterday's experiences, even though the cast of characters may appear to be different. Everything about today's environment outwardly is calling us to a higher interpretation of how we use our interior resources of thought, feeling and belief...for this is what comprises the vast domain of consciousness. Ultimately, our purpose is to awaken to who we really are, in order to then glean this larger "Reality" and to create a clearer awareness of how Universal Laws operate throughout Life, and how they are particularized in our every day experiences. Dr. Ernest Holmes in the Science of Mind Textbook repeatedly addresses the importance of establishing ourselves in our true identities as spiritual beings, with the growing understanding that as we know, see, accept and live from this truth of our being, we are informed, guided and directed from a higher place of wisdom, love, inspiration and purpose.

If, however, my blinders are on as to my being completely responsible for my thoughts, feelings, actions and consequences, then I continue to live as the victim, blaming people, circumstances and things in my physical life for my lack, limitation and woes. The answer to life's questions all reside with ourselves, within the natural goodness of the nature of Infinite Love/Intelligence that we all individualize...whether we accept this or not...each of us has always been, is now and shall forever be a particularized spark of light in the Mind of God. So let us all continue to come out of the darkness of any lesser concepts of ourselves and into the illumined and ever growing understanding that, "Wherever we are, God/Mind/Spirit/Life Is, and all that it represents we project according to our understanding and acceptance." ...So take a deep breath, here we grow again!

Awareness Contemplation: I see beyond the appearances in my world of effects and more deeply explore the inner dimensions of the unseen, non-physical reality of myself. Examine through quiet time, meditation and journaling...aspects of you that are qualities of being, rather that quantities of tangibles.

Affirmative Prayer: I draw my attention inward to the realization that beyond the noise and chatter of my human thinking, the quietude and silence of the great "within" awakens me to my soul's essence of wholeness, peace, clarity and wisdom. I start a new pattern of thinking and believing by identifying with the "I Am" that is a personalization of the "Universal I Am That I Am" and I enjoy the fruits of my inner labors by rejoicing and giving thanks here and now for the harvest of new opportunities and experiences that match that which I now cleanly and clearly know myself to be. I give thanks for Spirit guiding me forward to ever greater good and that's the way it really is.